Fashion by Selena Marilyn De Ville

Say hello to my brand new project!

Fashion by Selena Marilyn De Ville

Let me first start off by saying a MAJOR thank you to Princess_Kiara1 who has done the graphic! I couldn't have done this without her! I just made the designs in real life, she has been on the PC for hours, slaving for me! Thank you <3

The theme and name for this collection is 'Vintage Glam' and will consist of 17 designs!

Please, leave your feedback, I would LOVE to hear from you all, what do you think?
Would you like to be one of my models?
Do you think I've got a chance at SFW?

If you have the chance and are feeling generous, please post about this on a blog you are writing for/own :)



  1. Well I do love that you what do try out fashion design :) And I do love the dress on the graphic.

    And, yes, I would love to be a model.

    And yeah, Becka likes new/different types of brands/designs, so I think you will have a chance.

  2. I like the huge black fur and the graphic is beautiful.

    I would like to be a model.

    I think you do have a chance, because you impressed many people with this graphic, and because something new is always entertaining...

    PS: I'll post this on my blog..

  3. Oh wow!

    I think both graphics (the banner and advertisement) looks amazing. The advertisement is so dramatic... I love it!

    I'd love to be a model :)

    I'm convinced you'll get a spot in Fashion Week.

    SugarShoez (sugar103)

  4. OMG! Beautiful!:D SFW, here you come!
    I would love to be a model, of course. I'll post about it on my blog in a second...

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  6. I think that this collection has a great potential and vintage is one of my favorite things, i like all jewelry and stuff that is vintage, and old. I would love to be a model for you if you accepted me of course:) thanks in advance and good luck to your collection!

  7. Lovely! I love the spoiler, and Im looking foward to see the rest of the collection. And yes, I would love to be a model ;)

    Posted on my blog!

  8. Of course you have a chance :) Your graphics looks amazing :)) I love the spoiler :p

    What do i have to do to become a model for you??

    Kisses, Matilde ( Maddie_fashion )

  9. http://newstardolllover.blogspot.com/2011/06/fashion-by-selena-marilyn-de-ville.html
    Posted it in my Blog. xD
    I Am in love with the graphic and design of the clothing.
    it Is Utterly breathtaking.

  10. OMG. I absolutely cannot wait to see the rest! You guys should definitely go for SFW.
    Anywho, I would love to be a model for this! Check me out: Lizzy1414

  11. Ah-ma-zing!

    I adore this spoiler, and you're OTT style!
    You've definitely got a chance at SFW, you'll probably win Best New-Comer!
    I would love to model for your line, all the info you need is here:

  12. I love this spoiler! And that means the collection will be just as good or better!!! The massive fur is brilliant!
    Oh, and i'd like to model please ;D It would be awesome to be a model for your line :)

  13. I'd like to be a model as well, but how do you know your in SFW?