First official outfit of the collection 'Vintage Glam'

First outfit 'Red Feathery Dream' modeled by Deidra! (To_Royal)

Please, leave your feedback!

The collection will be updated SOON so keep an eye on the blogsite! :)



Fashion by Selena Marilyn De Ville

Say hello to my brand new project!

Fashion by Selena Marilyn De Ville

Let me first start off by saying a MAJOR thank you to Princess_Kiara1 who has done the graphic! I couldn't have done this without her! I just made the designs in real life, she has been on the PC for hours, slaving for me! Thank you <3

The theme and name for this collection is 'Vintage Glam' and will consist of 17 designs!

Please, leave your feedback, I would LOVE to hear from you all, what do you think?
Would you like to be one of my models?
Do you think I've got a chance at SFW?

If you have the chance and are feeling generous, please post about this on a blog you are writing for/own :)