New Style & New Collection

I have decided to pursue a new collection as I feel that 'Vintage Glam' is getting a little too old now. It has been dragged out since 2011 and it is time for something fresh!

The new collection is called 'The Black And White Ball'!
The collection has 8 Couture pieces.

Here is a little taste of what's to come!

So stay on your toes, the collection is just around the corner!


Second official outfit of the collection 'Vintage Glam'

This dress was inspired by Fashion icon Cruella De Vil! (So is my last name).
It is modeled by one of my friends, her Stardoll name is Fabulosa*04

I can't tell you how glad I am that the line is up and running again! 
And a major thanks to Robyn (Evermore1Girl) for doing the graphic, she put my sketch to shame while managing to make the dress how I saw it in my head! I love you!

Keep your eyes on the blog, more will come!


First official outfit of the collection 'Vintage Glam'

First outfit 'Red Feathery Dream' modeled by Deidra! (To_Royal)

Please, leave your feedback!

The collection will be updated SOON so keep an eye on the blogsite! :)



Fashion by Selena Marilyn De Ville

Say hello to my brand new project!

Fashion by Selena Marilyn De Ville

Let me first start off by saying a MAJOR thank you to Princess_Kiara1 who has done the graphic! I couldn't have done this without her! I just made the designs in real life, she has been on the PC for hours, slaving for me! Thank you <3

The theme and name for this collection is 'Vintage Glam' and will consist of 17 designs!

Please, leave your feedback, I would LOVE to hear from you all, what do you think?
Would you like to be one of my models?
Do you think I've got a chance at SFW?

If you have the chance and are feeling generous, please post about this on a blog you are writing for/own :)